Jennifer Vanilla shares new single “Humility’s Disease”

NYC pop performance artist, Jennifer Vanilla (they/them), shares their new single “Humility’s Disease” off their forthcoming album Castle In The Sky (out August 5). Directed by Luca Venter, “Humility’s Disease” is a campy adventure where Jennifer Vanilla, aka Becca Kauffman, portrays a pseudomasculine devil-like figure with two angels surrounding them.

Listen to “Humility’s Disease”:

“Johnnifer Vanillo is my alter ego’s alter ego— Jennifer Vanilla with the skin off, on the verge of spontaneous combustion due to intense internal friction. Toxic sludge is bubbling up, the guck stuck under the surface of the burning nether regions we condemn. Their monologue is an eruption, a confrontation, a coach’s pep talk to let the ego sing— if only to quell the inflammation and then settle into a balanced peace.”

Created over the course of four years, during which Becca Kauffman, the mastermind behind Jennifer Vanilla, had the realization that they were gender fluid and non-binary. Castle in the Sky draws on the themes of discovery and is a deft and mercurial “jennifreaky” journey, traversing 90s dance music, no wave, art pop, and more. Vinyl is coming soon, but for now you can pre-save, or pre-order your copy on tape!

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