Jennifer Vanilla signs to Sinderlyn, shares new single “Body Music”

Today we’re pleased to welcome NYC’s superstar, Jennifer Vanilla (they/them) to the Sinderlyn family! Along with the announcement, Jennifer Vanilla, aka Becca Kauffman, has shared a new single and video “Body Music,” collaboratively crafted with co-writer/co-producer Brian Abelson.

Listen to “Body Music”:

“Body Music” is a “jennifreaky” journey into ‘90s dance music and art pop. Like much of the Jennifer Vanilla oeuvre, it’s organized around a sense of travel and motion: Jennifer asks the listener over a propulsive beat, What does your body music sound like? It’s a question that prompts participation and engagement, the through-line of all of Jennifer Vanilla’s work. “Body Music” is an irresistible glimpse at more to come from Jennifer Vanilla in the very near future.

Asking yourself, how do I cop that Body Music t-shirt? You’re not alone. Luckily Jennifer Vanilla has also announced a run of tees inspired by the shirt worn in the Body Music video/photos – available in a limited run of 50 XXXL t-shirts.

Purchase here:

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