Tama Gucci releases ‘Almost Blue’, shares video for “Put It In Drive”

Today, Tama Gucci shares his latest EP, Almost Blue. A pop star of his own design, Tama Gucci gives us everything we need with innovative skill and finesse. Using his expansive vocal range and innovative spirit, his music allows us to enjoy the world through a lens that curiously explores longing and romance in the digital age. The seven tracks on the EP represent different parts of the sounds Tama Gucci’s Kymani Floyd wants to continue to create. Read more via his recent feature with Office Magazine

Listen to Almost Blue here: https://tamagucci.ffm.to/almostblue.vlb

Alongside the EP, Tama Gucci has released a new self-directed music video for Put It In Drive. Filmed throughout Miami when he was home for his performance at III Points Festival last month, Tama Gucci notes, “The video is the song coming to life, filmed throughout my hometown Miami in the middle of rush hour.”

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