Tama Gucci’s new single ‘“You Lost Me” (feat. Colle of Chanel Beads) is a slice of ethereal pop bliss.

The song, which uniquely reimagines the intersection of Pop and R&B, is also accompanied by a video that was filmed on Monday, April 8th during the solar eclipse.


“I’m not sure the stakes get higher than a one-take choreographed video during a 1 minute and 11 second Total Eclipse that doesn’t happen again until 2044 in America,” notes the video’s director and longtime Tama collaborator, Jonathan Qualtere.

“After weeks of preparation, everything for this video came together perfectly,” notes Tama Gucci. “It was very rewarding to see the eclipse during this filming and even more rewarding that we were able to capture history for this music video.”

Qualtere adds, “‘You Lost Me’ is our love letter to the cosmos and a direct extension of our ethos: A belief in process, the importance of a tight-knit team, a deep respect for the Universe, and a high-stakes, high-rewards mentality. Tama is the most exciting up-and-coming artist… This is only the beginning.”

Listen and watch here: https://omnian.ffm.to/youlostme.oem


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