TATYANA announces ‘Treat Me Right,’ shares new single “Kiss Me Right Now”

Today, electro-pop artist and harpist, TATYANA announces her debut album, Treat Me Right, out April 22nd! The forthcoming ten-track, highly-anticipated LP is also now available for pre-order and pre-save. Over ten tracks on Treat Me Right, TATYANA manages to achieve pop excellence, combined with the twinkling, unrivaled sounds of a harp and production by dream collaborator, Joseph Mount (Metronomy).

Pre-save or pre-order Treat Me Right: https://tatyana.ffm.to/treatmerightalbum.vlb

Alongside the album announcement comes TATYANA’s latest sugar-coated pop banger, “Kiss Me Right Now.” This sugary single sees the musician gush over her latest crush. The synthy, sweet, sparkling track builds like a crush does, slow at first, then comes crashing in, all at once.

Listen to “Kiss Me Right Now”: https://tatyana.ffm.to/kissmerightnow.vlb

In the accompanying playful video, from the comfort of her own bed, TATYANA is joined by friends who each meet their crush for a kiss, fittingly, with lollipops hanging out of their mouths. Directed by Molly Daniel, the video brilliantly captures the butterflies of a new crush–the nerves, the cheek-to-cheek smiles and foolishly stumbling through a kiss–each feel tangible, with some shots seen through a grainy lens as nostalgia seeps through.

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