TATYANA shares new album ‘It’s Over’

Today London based singer, producer, and harpist TATYANA releases her highly-anticipated album, ‘It’s Over’! 

This album reflects the chaos of modern dating and life chronically online. blending expansive, delicate and deliberate production with influence from the likes of maurice fulton and the knife, tatyana’s sound originates from a pure love of the dancefloor: robyn, tirzah, mica levi, jessy lanza, lcd soundsystem, four tet.

Listen to ‘It’s Over’: https://tatyana.ffm.to/itsover.vlb

“When I was writing this album I was constantly imagining what it would feel like to perform each song on stage because my music is meant for dancing and its main sonic reference is the dancefloor. I wanted the sounds of the album to awaken the senses, to make your blood run faster, and to open the listener up to new experiences. The title of the album is a play on words – it implies that it’s about a breakup but actually it’s about facing reality. it’s called ‘it’s over’ but when one thing ends, something new must start. This record is really about that – the perpetual motion of life – two steps forward, one step back.”

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