TATYANA shares new single and video, “Right Places”

Electro-pop artist and harpist, TATYANA, is back with new single and video, “Right Places” that dawns an impressive new era for the dynamic producer, songwriter and performer. On the freshly released bop, TATYANA sings irreverently over a bouncy, guitar-like synth hook and twinkling harp melodies, winkingly prompting her subject to “love me in the right places.” Co-producer Joseph Mount (Metronomy) helped fine-tune the track, resulting in a careful distillation of TATYANA’s signature sound that fuses her classical training with her keen sense for pop songwriting. “Right Places” is the kind of precisely produced, impossibly catchy pop that takes other artists their entire careers to nail.

Listen to “Right Places”: https://tatyana.ffm.to/rightplaces.vlb

In the “Right Places” official video, soft pink hues light up TATYANA‘s face as she gets ready to go out after a call on her lobster-shaped phone. Video director Kai Marks says, “I am beyond happy we were able to capture the raw energy and emotions of TATYANA‘s track. Working with her alongside an incredible crew made this whole project come together and enabled us to create something memorable.”

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