Jennifer Vanilla

Artist Bio:

Legend has it that Jennifer Vanilla was born on a dewdrop high up in the sky, plopped upon a leaf on the tallest tree on the highest mountain in an idyllic realm known as “Jenniferia.” Born without genitalia, the humanoid alien Jennifer Vanilla soon opened a portal to the eastern coast of the United States using a magical braid that became entangled with the earthling multi-disciplinary artist Becca Kauffman. Kauffman inhabited Jennifer and transformed through Jennifer, and vice versa. Their conversation in fantasy has been dutifully documented, thank Jenniferia, through music.

Kauffman, who uses they/them pronouns, was a member of the experimental Brooklyn pop band Ava Luna before they began releasing music as their alter ego, Jennifer Vanilla. Through this persona they’ve crafted musical albums, choreographed stage shows, radio shows, videos, and merchandise-as-conversation-pieces that have been widely celebrated in New York’s music, art, and fashion spheres. New single “Body Music” is the next sprightly step on this creative path, and their first release via Brooklyn-based independent label Sinderlyn.

Collaboratively crafted by Kauffman and co-writer/co-producer Brian Abelson, “Body Music” is a “jennifreaky” journey into ‘90s dance music and art pop. Like much of the Jennifer Vanilla oeuvre, it’s organized around a sense of travel and motion: Jennifer asks the listener over a propulsive beat, What does your body music sound like? It’s a question that prompts participation and engagement, the through-line of all of Jennifer Vanilla’s work. “Body Music” is an irresistible glimpse at more to come from Jennifer Vanilla in the very near future.



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